Welcome to Rolan Hi-Fi

Rolan Hi-Fi focuses on those audiophiles who want with their Hi-Fi-installation the experience of being at a musical performance. With good recordings, whether live or studio recordings, and a really good Hi-Fi-installation we can let you hear this is possible.

Rolan Hi-Fi has focused on streaming. This can be for example ripped CD’s from your own music collection and of course the extensive music collections from streaming services like Qobuz and Tidal.

A really good Hi-Fi-installation requires years of continuous development of the different components and a very careful matching of the components. This is were we are clearly different from a Hi-Fi shop. Our products are real “state-of-the-art”-products with the latest techniques and with especially a very high quality of the parts for achieving the best possible listening experience required for the experience of being at a musical performance. You can understand that such a Hi-Fi-installation requires somewhat more dedication than merely pushing one button.

A big part of the Hi-Fi-installation is being produced by Rolan Hi-Fi. This is why in principle you are buying directly from the manufacturer. This offers you the possibility of a really good Hi-Fi-installation at a very competitive price in this higher segment.

Note: The website is still under construction. Content will be added in the coming period. We are looking forward to seeing you again on this website.